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The Rosamund Snow Community

The community was named in recognition of Rosamund Snow's tireless work to place patients centre-stage in improving healthcare.

Rosamund saw, earlier than most, that patients are often misunderstood and marginalised from conversations and, importantly, decision making. She fought to place patients centre stage in debates about service quality improvement and medical education. Please see here for more information on Rosamund, her dedication and the excellent work she did.

Who We Are

We are people, and carers of people working in partnership with healthcare professionals to make improvements to healthcare services.

What We Do

Using our knowledge, skills and experiences of numerous touch points with the NHS, our focus is on sharing ideas to drive quality improvements.

Get Involved

Apply online if you have a long term condition, injury or disability and are working as partners with health care professionals to improve services.

July’s Newsletter

Find out the latest news, activity, events of interest and experiences from the members of our community. To view the newsletter click the link be...

What is the purpose of this community?

Our aspiration is to build a national, inclusive and vibrant patient and carer community. A network that will provide support to people who have long term health conditions and who want to improve health services in partnership with heal...

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Why do we need a Patient and Carer Network?

The problems people face in getting support for their own wellbeing and in accessing high quality care and treatment are well known. So are the pressures that the health ‘system’ faces as society changes. There are many support netw...

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