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NHS Improvement recognised the need for a national partnership to support patient & carers of patients with long-term conditions in their work to improve health services and has provided some initial funding. In response to this, the Rosamund Snow Community was created. The aim of the partnership is to connect, support and develop people who are working hand in hand with healthcare clinicians and managers in making improvements in healthcare services. We bring our vast skills and knowledge as people with clear insight and imagination to help solve the many issues plaguing the NHS today.

We are called the Rosamund Snow Community in recognition of the work that Rosamund Snow did. Rosamund saw, earlier than most, that patients are often misunderstood and marginalised from conversations and, importantly, decision making. She fought to place patients centre stage in debates about service quality improvement and medical education.

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Apply online if you have a long term condition, injury or disability and are working as partners with health care professionals to improve services.

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We have a guide of all the common Acronyms and Jargon in Health Services.

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