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Who we are, Our Vision, Values & What We Do

Who We Are

We are people, and carers of people, living with a diverse range of long-term conditions life changing illnesses, injuries and disabilities, using health and care services, who are working in partnership with healthcare professionals to make improvements to healthcare services.  

Our Vision

Through greater connectivity, support and skills development for people living with illnesses, injuries and disabilities, we work hand in hand with healthcare professionals in helping to make improvements to healthcare services. Our mission is to support individuals working as trusted partners with healthcare professionals in improving healthcare services. We bring our personal experiences and expertise from many walks of life, not just when we are patients & carers.

What We Do

Using our knowledge, skills and firsthand experiences of numerous touch points with the NHS, our focus is on sharing insights and ideas to drive quality improvements for the future.  

  • Support for each other 
    • We provide a sense of belonging to a community of people who share a common interest and create time to connect with others through networking and social activities
    • We support our members’ wellbeing and share our skills to benefit others
    • We are not afraid to ask for help on a project
  • Continuously improving our effectiveness as partners 
    • We provide opportunities for members to receive some mentoring on topics relating to working with professionals to improve healthcare
    • We share knowledge and signpost members/people to information, learning and resources to support good practice across the NHS
    • We develop our skills in improvement methodologies, interpersonal skills, understanding measurement & data and our knowledge of the ‘system’
  • Supporting patient partnership working in improvement 
    • We develop new opportunities for patients and carers to influence decision making within the NHS and supporting governance arrangements

Our Values

  • In it together
    • We work together and support each other in making a difference within healthcare
    • We break down the ‘them and us’
    • We are serious about partnership, co-production, co-design and inclusion.
  • Strong and kind
    • We are kind to ourselves and those outside the network
    • We challenge NHS staff to live by their values by modelling compassionate leadership ourselves
    • We stand firm together with resilience and purpose
  • Honest and transparent 
    • There are no hidden agendas
    • We build trusting relationships amongst ourselves and between patients, carers and healthcare professionals
  • Moving forwards for improvement 
    • We are keen to learn from each other and from specialists
    • We keep moving forwards to bring about improvements
  • Listen with interest and curiosity
    • We listen to others’ views
    • We use questions to gain understanding
    • We are open to new ideas

Get Involved

Apply online if you have a long term condition, injury or disability and are working as partners with health care professionals to improve services.

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Acronyms and Jargon

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