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Getting to grips with data and information in the NHS

This online learning module about data and information is for people already doing or thinking of taking up Patient and Public Voice (PPV) roles. It will help learners in the following ways:

  • To become familiar with information governance and its role in the appropriate use of
    information and data from engagement activities
  • To begin to appreciate the different sorts of information and data available to you,
    including patient feedback, and how to use it as part of your contribution to a PPV group
  • To recognise how the different types of data are collected and presented, and how this
    can support PPV partners in their roles and inform their work
  • To explore how to question and clarify information and how it is presented appropriately,
    to work towards information being accessible and usefulto PPV partners.

The course has three modules:

  1. Introducing information governance
    This section covers what information governance is and the steps the NHS take to protect
    patient and other information
  2. Exploring different types of data
    This section explores the sorts of information and data PPV partners might come across and
    how and when it might be useful
  3. Information, data and you
    This section will look at the PPV role and its relationship with information and data in the
    NHS. It includes a range of scenarios relating to information and data and the PPV role,
    designed to help learners consider realistic situations and think the action they would take.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at new and existing Patient and Public Voice Partners who are sitting on NHS England boards and advisory groups and NHS England employees who work with partners/volunteers. Learners will be expected to complete evaluation feedback after working through the course.

Type of learning: e-learning course

Duration: 30 mins

How to apply: To register, please contact the Business Support Team for NHS England Patient and Public Participation on

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